Year-end Lost & Found

Please checkout the following video, as we have plenty of Lost & Found items for families to claim. The clothing will be hanging on the front fence Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll leave it out during the day and bring it in each evening. Please feel free to stop by the school and pick-up an item that is your child’s, or you can talk to your child and have them come and take the item. All clothing still on the fence, at the end of the day on Wednesday, will be taken to the Thrift Store. Thank you!

Creative Hair Day on May 27th

As mentioned in a previous email, the Bastion Leadership Team will be hosting a school spirit day on Friday, May 27th. Our school spirit day will be Creative Hair Day.   

At Bastion Elementary, we want to ensure all of our students are feeling included in a safe and comfortable way.  We would like all of our students and staff to have fun by coming to school with creative hairstyles, and not make anyone feel that their natural hair or hairstyle is “crazy” or “weird”.  By promoting certain hairstyles as “crazy” or “weird” we may negatively affect students from different backgrounds and cultures.  For example, a child of colour may wear his/her hair in a certain way on a daily basis, and we want that child to feel proud of his/her hair and the cultural significance of the hairstyle.  We do not want a child of colour to feel his/her hair is “crazy” or “weird”.   

There are many creative ways to style hair, such as: 

Some hairstyles that can be considered culturally insensitive may include: 

Thank you for continuing to help promote a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment, for all of our students.


Joel Menzies (Principal)

Welcome back to school!

Welcome back from Spring Break on Monday, April 4! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Just a reminder that when we all come back to school that the mask mandate has ended. SD83 is a “mask friendly” school district. You can wear a mask if you choose.

Please continue with the daily health checks and stay home if you are ill. Also, regular hand washing and sanitizing should continue. For those who choose to wear a mask, medical grade masks continue to be available for students and staff.

If you really enjoyed your time off don’t fear, there are two more school holidays on the horizon. Good Friday is on April 15 and Easter Monday is April 18.

Important federal information for those who travelled internationally over Spring Break

If you and your family travelled outside Canada over Spring Break there are important federal requirements to be aware of. This includes that for 14 days following entry into Canada, travellers must:

Some federal rules after entering Canada are different from the provincial or territorial rules. In this case, you must follow the stricter rules.

For more information: Federal requirements for out of country travellers

Managing anxiety in children

Close to 60 people joined an online presentation featuring Dr. Sean Larsen who discussed a Practical Approach to Managing Anxiety in Children on March 10 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Director of Instruction Carol-Ann Leidloff was pleased with the turnout and said this online workshop was presented to help parents and educators with some essential tools to better understand anxiety in children, recognize when it is becoming problematic, help children build the capacity to overcome it, and create environments to foster better outcomes for those struggling. She noted Dr. Larsen has agreed to allow the recording of the session to be shared so that those who couldn’t attend can watch it at their leisure.

View recording of Thursday’s presentation here

View pdf of Dr. Larsen’s slides here

Drawing on literature on brain development, emotional regulation, psychology, and years of clinical experience Dr. Larsen wants to help others better understand children’s anxiety and how to support them in more meaningful ways.

Problematic anxiety in childhood is common and disrupts opportunities for healthy experiences. Anxiety can influence a child’s ability to achieve academically, make friends, or find reward in the activities they take part in.

He notes that about one in ten Canadians will access mental health support for mood and anxiety disorders in their lives and a far larger percentage could benefit from these supports and a better understanding of what anxiety is and how it impacts their lives.

Leidloff adds the district hopes to have Dr. Larsen return in the fall with presentations on how to help children sleep better, and on digital parenting.