School Rules & Guidelines

We at Bastion would appreciate your support and cooperation on the following school rules and guidelines.

Bicycles: Students who bring bikes to school must keep them locked up on the bike stands during school hours.  By law, all students must wear a helmet.


Indoor Footwear: Outdoor footwear is not permitted in the school building.  In order to keep our school clean and reduce the damage to the flooring, students are asked to have a pair of indoor shoes available to wear inside the building.  Running shoes are suitable for this use; for safety and health reasons stocking feet are not advisable. Please, no black soled shoes.


Permission to ride on the School Bus: Notes are required for those students who wish to ride on a bus other than their regular bus.  These notes are to be given to the bus driver who can grant permission only if adequate seating is available.


Leaving the School Grounds: Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during school hours unless they have written permission, or are on a school supervised activity.


Skateboards and Rollerblades: The staff at Bastion recognizes that skateboarding and roller blading are enjoyable and healthy physical activities for all ages. However, with an interest and emphasis on student safety, we ask that students do not bring skateboards to school.  Rollerblades can be worn to and from school, but not used during regular school hours.


Snow Sliders:  Only soft, flexible snow sliders are permitted on the school grounds.