The Week Ahead for May 27th – 31st

The Bastion Spring Carnival was a big success!! Seeing the students and their families have fun at the stations was absolutely wonderful!! The number of cupcakes consumed was mind-boggling!!

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of the parents and family members who volunteered to help set-up, run stations, and clean-up!! A special thank you goes to Mel Howard, our PAC president, who spent lots of time ensuring the carnival went off without a hitch. Thanks, Mel!!

We will announce the winners of the Prize Draw at the end of the school day on Monday. I’m sure will have some excited students anxiously waiting to hear if they won any of the great prizes.

Here’s what’s happening at Bastion this coming week…

Monday, May 27th
Grade 3 Field Trip.
All of our Grade 3 students will be spending the day doing a variety of activities at Gardom Lake Camp. Please remember to pack a large, healthy lunch and sunscreen!
Grade 4/5 Track & Field. Once again we will have the Grade 4/5 students practicing for next week’s district track meet. The afternoon will be hot, so please remember a hat, sunscreen and water!
PAC Meeting. The PAC meeting will begin at 6:30 pm, and take place in the Music Room. Free babysitting will be provided. Next year’s vice-principal, Laura Jegues, will be attending the meeting, so feel free to come and meet the newest member of our Bastion team. We are inviting parents to put their names forward for positions on next year’s PAC executive. If you are interested in being the new President, Treasurer, or Secretary, please send Mr. Menzies an email or come join us at the meeting to express your interest. Please keep in mind, if these positions are not filled for September, the Bastion PAC will lose a grant that is provided.

Tuesday, May 28th
Field Trip to the BC Wildlife Park.
The students in Mrs. Ollinger and Mme van Varseveld’s classes will be going to the Wildlife Park in Kamloops. The students will hopefully have the opportunity to see Clover, the kermode bear!
Kindergarten Orientation. Our new Kindergarten students, who will join us in September, will have a chance to visit Bastion and see what life will be like as a Kindergarten student. We’ll have three different stations for the students to explore, create and play. Each student will go home with a brand new book!

Wednesday, May 29th
Scientists in the Classroom.
Mme Genevieve has arranged for a local scientist to visit Bastion Elementary on Wednesday and Thursday, to introduce the students to some science experiments. The day should be interesting as the students get to see some cool science in action.

Thursday, May 30th
Scientists in the Classroom Day #2.

Friday, May 31st
Fantastic Friday!
We hope all of our students have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

The Week Ahead for May 21st – 24th

Hopefully all of our Bastion families have had a wonderful May Long-Weekend!

We’re heading into the home stretch of the school year. With twenty-eight days of school left, our students and teachers will be working hard, having fun, and enjoying these last six weeks.

Here’s the week ahead…

Tuesday, May 21st
Field Trip to Jump 360.
Mme Duclos and Mrs. Smith’s classes will be visiting Jump 360 in Kamloops to enjoy a few hours of getting exercise at the trampoline park.
Swim at School. Mme Ackerman and Mrs. MacDermott’s classes will have their third and final session of swimming. M Cote and Mme Dollack’s classes will enjoy their second session of swimming, with the final session taking place on May 28th.

Wednesday, May 22nd
Track & Field Practice.
All of our Grade 4 & 5 students will be participating in a Track & Field gym class, after Lunch. We would like all Gr. 4/5 students to have gym strip and runners.

Thursday, May 23rd
Mountain of Refundables.
The Gr. 4/5 teachers and students will be hosting a bottle drive, in the morning. If families or community members have refundable bottles, cans, or juice containers, please drop the items off at the school parking lot. The teachers and students will be sorting and counting the refundables, then we’ll deliver them to Bill’s Bottle Depot. Thank you for your support!

Friday, May 24th
Grade 4/5 Rec. Swim.
The Gr. 4/5 students will be participating in their third and final recreational swim.
PAC Spring Carnival. Our amazing PAC will be hosting this free event for all of our students and their families to enjoy. The event begins at 6:00 pm, and ends at 8:00 pm. This year the carnival is being run as a school event and not as a fundraiser. The games are all free (no bracelets or tickets). There will be a concession selling water and popcorn for $2. If family members are able to volunteer, please click on the link that was emailed to families last week.

The Week Ahead for May 6th – 10th

Looks like we’re in for some great weather this week!! We’re always happy to see the sunshine, especially when field trips and cross-country runs are planned!! Here’s what’s happening during the week ahead…

Monday, May 6th
Farm Field Trip.
Mme Genevieve’s class will be visiting the farm of one of her students. Hopefully they will have a chance to see some baby farm animals and see first-hand all of the hard work it takes to operate a farm.

Tuesday, May 7th
Swim @ School.
Mrs. MacDermott’s and Mme Ackerman’s students will be walking to the pool for their first swim session. Hopefully all of the students will remember their swimsuits and towels!! The classes will swim from 10:00 – 11:00.

Wednesday, May 8th
Public Library Visit.
Mme Genevieve’s class will be going to the Okanagan Regional Library to listen to an author. The students should come prepared with good questions about the writing process!
Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Several of our classes will be visiting the nature centre in Vernon, throughout the months of May and June. On Wednesday, Mrs. Williams’ and Mrs. MacDermott’s classes will be heading to the nature centre.

Thursday, May 9th
Swim @ School.
The classes who go swimming each Thursday in May will have their second session on this day. Feel free to refer to the swim schedule in last week’s website post.
Little Mountain Stomp. The annual School District No. 83 cross-country run will take place at 1:00 pm. All of our cross-country athletes will be going to challenge themselves to complete the course. All Bastion runners have been training hard and we’re looking forward to seeing them do their personal bests!

Friday, May 10th
Measles Immunizations.
Please note: The measles immunizations are only for those students who received an envelope from Interior Health and have returned the envelope, to the school, with the parent/guardian consent filled out.
Fletcher Park. Mrs. Ollinger’s class will be heading down to have some fun at Fletcher Park. Mrs. Ollinger will email families a reminder about the events of the day.
Gr. 4/5 Rec. Swim. Once again, our Grade 4/5 classes will be walking to the pool for a rec. swim from 11:00 – 12:00. Last week, the students had lots of fun, but it looked like Mme Valerie was having even more fun!!

The Week Ahead for April 28 – May 3

Last week we experienced something very special…  we experienced our students challenging themselves to do their personal best during our Bastion Mini-Boogie cross-country run.  To have our students cheering each other on and showing great sportsmanship was wonderful to see.  The Mini-Boogie was a great event, and I would like to thank all of the family members who helped around the course, at the finish line and in the marshaling area!  We have amazing and supportive families at Bastion!!

Here’s what’s happening during what will be another great week at our school:

Monday, April 29th
Interim Reports.
Teachers will be doing an Interim Report for each child at some point during the week, with some teachers completing the reports next week. Some students will receive an update in the form of a written report – this could be a student self-assessment or an update from the teacher. Some classes will be inviting families in for Student-Led Conferences. Your child’s teacher will communicate the format of the Interim Report to you. The purpose the Interim Report is to provide a brief check-in with families as we begin the final push to the end of the school year.
PAC Meeting. The PAC meeting will start at 6:30 pm, with free babysitting provided. All of our students’ families are invited to attend. The current PAC executive is currently taking names of interested family members who might be interested in forming next year’s PAC executive. If you are interesting in taking on the role of President, Vice-president or Treasurer, please forward your name to Mr. Menzies and he will pass your info on to the current executive. Please keep in mind that if Bastion does not have a functioning PAC, we will not receive our annual grant, which provides many resources and activities for our students and teachers.

Tuesday, April 30th
Science World Presentations.
Science World on the Road will be visiting Bastion to present two different shows. The Grade 4/5 students will see a presentation called Earth, Wind and Science at 8:45 – 9:30. Our primary students will see a presentation called How 2 Science at 10:10 – 10:55.
A Visit from Shuswap Middle School. It’s that time of year when our Grade 5 students begin to get excited (or nervous) about the transition to Grade 6 at SMS. To help our Grade 5s feel a little more comfortable and confident about going to SMS, the principal and vice-principal from SMS will be visiting all of our Grade 5 classes to talk to the students and give them a little glimpse into what life will be like in middle school. The English Grade 5s will meet with Mrs. Woodhurst (principal) at 10:10, and the French Immersion Grade 5s will meet with Mme Jegues (vice-principal) at 10:55. All of our Grade 5 students will have the opportunity to visit SMS at the beginning of June.

Wednesday, May 1st
Choir Music Festival.
All of our students who are currently in the choir will be going to the Shuswap Music Festival to perform a selection of songs, under the direction of Mme Shannon, our Music teacher. Our choir sounds amazing and this will be a fantastic opportunity for the choir to perform in a public setting! The choir will be back at 12:00, so those who are on the cross-country running team can participate in the Bastion Boogie.
Bastion Boogie. Members of the cross-country team will participate in their second run of the season. Students from Hillcrest Elementary will join us for the Bastion Boogie, as a lead-up to next week’s district-wide cross-country run at Little Mountain. If our students do as well as they did at last week’s Mini-Boogie, I know they will represent our school well. Good luck, everyone!

Thursday, May 2nd
Swim @ School Program.
Some of our classes will be walk to the swimming pool to participate in the first session of the swim program. Please see the schedule below, as a reminder of when your child(ren) will be going swimmming.

Swim Schedule

Fun Food Day. Please note that the date of Fun Food Day was changed due to next week’s district-wide cross-country run. The students will receive their pizza or nuggets on May 2nd instead of May 9th. Thank you to our Fun Food Coordinators and volunteers for providing this opportunity for the students!!

Friday, May 3rd
Grade 4/5 Rec. Swim.
The Grade 4/5 classes will be going to the swimming pool to participate in a recreational swim. Hopefully everyone remembers their swimsuits and towels!
Field Trip to Arts Centre. Mme Jesse’s Kindergarten class will be going to the Salmon Arts Centre to experience the exhibit called Flight.

The Week Ahead for April 22nd – 26th

Hopefully all of our families had a wonderful long-weekend!!

It’s a short week, but we continue to be busy doing great things at Bastion.

Thursday, April 25th
Bastion Mini-Boogie.
All of our students (even the ones who are not on the cross-country running team) will participate in the Bastion Mini-Boogie. This is an event where all of our students can challenge themselves to do their personal best! The event will start at 12:45, and our first age group will be the Kindergarten students. Please ensure your son/daughter has appropriate running clothing and a pair of runners. A healthy lunch and bottle(s) of water will be a great idea. The event will run rain or shine, so the students should be prepared for the weather.

Friday, April 26th
Arts Center Field Trips.
Mrs. Isaac’s class and Mrs. Smith’s class will be visiting the Salmon Arm Arts Center. The students will be viewing the exhibition called Flight, which focuses on the disappearing songbird population and features 2D and 3D work from local artists.
SMS Scouting Trip. Five of our Grade 5 students will be visiting Shuswap Middle School to “scout out” where they will be attending school next year. Our “scouts” will have a tour of the school and meet some staff members, as they take pictures and ask questions. The “scouts” will then come back to Bastion and tell the rest of the Grade 5 students what they learned about life at SMS.

A Note About Class Placement Requests…

In June, the School-Based Team (SBT) will meet and discuss the class placement of each student. Tentative classes for September 2019 will be created in June, then finalized during the first week of September. The SBT consists of the outgoing and potential receiving classroom teachers, Learning Resource Teacher, Vice-principal and Principal. The SBT looks at the strengths and needs of the children and the team will make decisions based on the following:

High Priority Considerations
• Instructional groupings;
• Class composition, including special needs requirements;
• Social/cultural issues (independence, interactions, leadership);
• Behavioural/social concerns;
• Diversity in development (academic, social, emotional).

Middle Priority Considerations
• Groupings in previous years;
• Dominant grade grouping;
• Physical/social maturation;
• Learning style;
• Siblings and relations.

Lower Priority Considerations
• Friendships;
• Teacher-learner compatibility;
• Class size (room to accommodate new students).

Student placement requests for September 2019, will be accepted starting May 13th. Requests must be submitted by June 3rd, in order to be considered. If parents or guardians have a specific request for their child(ren)’s class placement for September 2019, please submit a letter to Mr. Menzies (dropped off at the main office or emailed directly to Mr. Menzies at The letter must clearly outline the request as well as provide specific educational reasons for the placement request.

When creating tentative classes, parent requests will be considered. However, we are unable to guarantee that requests can be fulfilled.