Two very successful fundraisers for PAC.  Thank you to Nicole and Michael Filipski for doing a super job of organizing the “Mountain of Refundables” on Friday.  See below for the results of both those fundraisers.

Mountain of Refundable

Here’s a message from Nicole on behalf of PAC:

Dear Bastion Families,

A huge thank you to the whole community of Bastion school!  Everyone joined together to make our Mountain of Refundables bottle drive an amazing success. 

Together we raised $727.65 to go towards the next PAC upcoming project!

Everyone’s contribution was truly appreciated and essential to making our event a success!

Thank you all!
Bastion PAC

Tire Roundup

Thank you to Tim and the Fountain Tire crew for the great job accommodating the Tire Round-up/Bastion Fundraiser. Also special thank you to parents who really went out of their way to gather tires and drop off huge loads of tires.  The total number of tires collected was between 1200 and 1300 tires (actual count will be shared with us soon).  This means a fundraiser of between $1600 and $1700. Amazing results!