Fun Food Days

This year’s Fun Food Days are scheduled for:

October 14th, 2021November 10th, 2021December 9th, 2021
January 13th, 2022February 10th, 2022March 10th, 2022
April 14th, 2022May 12th, 2022June 9th, 2022
Month-by-month orders need to be submitted by the Friday before the scheduled Fun Food Day. Thank you!


It is time to get our Fun Food Day up and running. We will be working with Panago Pizza again for pizza, chicken fingers, vegan tenders, and salads and Demille’s for veggies, fruit and cookies.  Each business offers gluten free and dairy free options. If your child has an allergy, please ensure you complete the allergy section. This year we are only offering online ordering to ensure order accuracy and to make the process as easy for everyone as possible.

This year PAC will be holding a draw for families who pay for the whole year by the December Fun Food Date. Paying all at once greatly reduces the amount of data entry for the Fun Food Coordinator and the PAC Treasurer. All families who have paid in full by the December Fun Food Day will be entered into a draw for a Panago Family Pizza Night.

We will be using the same ordering system as last year. The system deactivates all student/parent information every year. EVERYONE will need to complete the registration information again DO NOT try to recover your old password, this will not work. There are some families that have credits from last year. To be able to access the credit, you will need to register with the same email you used last year, and the credit will automatically appear on your balance when you are completing your order. If you are unsure what email you used, please email me and I can look it up for you.

Here’s how to get started…

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Click Here to Register” do not try to recover last year’s password – the system deactivates ALL previous parent and student information – you will need to complete the registration again.
  3. Enter Access Code BHL
  4. Complete the rest of the registration form with the parent’s information (not student) the account should be registered to the parent.
  5. Click the “Register Now” button at the bottom
  6. Click the “Students” button to add each child in your family who attends Bastion Elementary School. Fill in their name, select their teacher/class/division and complete the allergy section if applicable. Click “Insert”.
  7. Once your child(ren) are registered, click on “Orders
  8. Proceed to order hot lunch for your child(ren). You can order for one month, several months, or the whole year at once. If ordering from a mobile device, please orient your phone to landscape to ensure you are selecting the options you are intending (they can appear squished).
  9. Parents are able to edit paid orders until the Friday before the scheduled fun food day.
  10. Payment is due the Friday before the scheduled fun food day.

We accept the following payment method:

  • E-Transfer to
  • Password: Bastion, please include your child’s name in the comment section.
  • Cash exact change only
  • Cheque made out to Bastion Parent Advisory Committee.

Detailed payment instructions will be displayed online and e-mailed to you when you place an order.

There is also a Volunteer Sign Up page in the Orders section of the website menu where you can sign up to volunteer for any of our Fun Food Days.  You can select one, several, or all dates.  This does not commit you to volunteering on those dates.  It just adds you to our list of potential volunteers.  We will contact everyone close to the dates to confirm availability and make a schedule.  We really appreciate your help as we can’t run our Fun Food Days without our parent volunteers!