Bastion Bell Schedule

Updated:  August 2020

Welcoming Bell 8:02 am
Classes in Session 8:05 am
Recess 9:40 am
G.E.A.R. Bell 9:55 am
Classes in Session 9:57 am
Lunch Play Time 11:27 am
G.E.A.R. Bell 11:55 am
Lunch Eating Time 11:57 am
Clean-up Bell 12:12 pm
Classes in Session 12:15 pm
Dismissal 2:12 pm
Bus Departs 2:22 pm

*G.E.A.R (Grab Everything and Run)*

Minutes of Instruction per day:  302 minutes

It is important that students arrive on time for school.  Students arriving late disrupts their personal learning and the learning of others.  Please ensure your child arrives on time in the morning and that they’re in their class lines by 8:02 am.

All students arriving late in the morning need to enter the school through the main entrance and check in with our secretaries before heading to class.  This is part of our safe arrival procedure.