Year-end Lost & Found

Please checkout the following video, as we have plenty of Lost & Found items for families to claim. The clothing will be hanging on the front fence Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll leave it out during the day and bring it in each evening. Please feel free to stop by the school and pick-up an item that is your child’s, or you can talk to your child and have them come and take the item. All clothing still on the fence, at the end of the day on Wednesday, will be taken to the Thrift Store. Thank you!

Creative Hair Day on May 27th

As mentioned in a previous email, the Bastion Leadership Team will be hosting a school spirit day on Friday, May 27th. Our school spirit day will be Creative Hair Day.   

At Bastion Elementary, we want to ensure all of our students are feeling included in a safe and comfortable way.  We would like all of our students and staff to have fun by coming to school with creative hairstyles, and not make anyone feel that their natural hair or hairstyle is “crazy” or “weird”.  By promoting certain hairstyles as “crazy” or “weird” we may negatively affect students from different backgrounds and cultures.  For example, a child of colour may wear his/her hair in a certain way on a daily basis, and we want that child to feel proud of his/her hair and the cultural significance of the hairstyle.  We do not want a child of colour to feel his/her hair is “crazy” or “weird”.   

There are many creative ways to style hair, such as: 

Some hairstyles that can be considered culturally insensitive may include: 

Thank you for continuing to help promote a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment, for all of our students.


Joel Menzies (Principal)

Purdy’s Chocolate Orders

Bastion will be once again ordering from Purdy’s Chocolatier, just in time for Easter!  We are not calling it a fundraiser, as technically we do not need to fundraise for anything at this point in time. This is more trying to make life easier for parents by ordering chocolate treats for Easter and being able to pick up from the school.  There will only be online orders for this Purdy’s Chocolate campaign, please see the link below.  This will help ensure you get the items that you order as last year items sold out before paper orders get submitted.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure when you Shop Online, that you use the drop down arrow (found on the top left of the Order Form) and add in your details so we can easily separate orders when they come in.  

If you’d like to purchase some very sweet Easter gifts for friends, family and yourself, please follow link below or check out the Purdy’s brochure and send in a paper order.

Also note that once you have signed in you can buy some amazing chocolates and/or invite others to join and get some delicious treats for Easter.   

All orders must be submitted by Wednesday, March 16th before spring break. Online orders are paid by credit card.  Pick up day at the school will be before April 13. 

We will need volunteers to help sort once a better ETA is given for shipping and some parents to help with pick up. An email will go home right before spring break with a link to the online sign up for volunteers. 

Questions can be sent to  or call 250-833-6889 (Allison Drager). 

Thank you so much for helping to support the students of Bastion School.

Unplug & Play Family Literacy Week

Between January 22nd – 29th, there will be a variety of activities taking place throughout several communities in School District No. 83. We hope families take advantage of some of these opportunities and unplug from the devices and enjoy some of these activities as a family. Thank you to the Literacy Alliance of the Shuswap Society (LASS) for planning and organizing the events!!