Creative Hair Day on May 27th

As mentioned in a previous email, the Bastion Leadership Team will be hosting a school spirit day on Friday, May 27th. Our school spirit day will be Creative Hair Day.   

At Bastion Elementary, we want to ensure all of our students are feeling included in a safe and comfortable way.  We would like all of our students and staff to have fun by coming to school with creative hairstyles, and not make anyone feel that their natural hair or hairstyle is “crazy” or “weird”.  By promoting certain hairstyles as “crazy” or “weird” we may negatively affect students from different backgrounds and cultures.  For example, a child of colour may wear his/her hair in a certain way on a daily basis, and we want that child to feel proud of his/her hair and the cultural significance of the hairstyle.  We do not want a child of colour to feel his/her hair is “crazy” or “weird”.   

There are many creative ways to style hair, such as: 

Some hairstyles that can be considered culturally insensitive may include: 

Thank you for continuing to help promote a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment, for all of our students.


Joel Menzies (Principal)