Only 4 More Sleeps!!

Dear Bastion Families…

We certainly hope all of our Bastion families have had a wonderful summer. We’re sure some plans were changed or cancelled due to the wildfires and smoke that affected much of British Columbia. However, knowing our Bastion families, we’re sure everyone was able to adapt and still have the opportunity to have some wonderful adventures and create some great summer memories.

Only four more sleeps and then we get to begin a brand new school year!! Many teachers have been in the school, getting their classrooms ready and they are looking forward to reconnecting with the students they taught last year, and they are excited to meet the students who will be in their class for the 2021-2022 school year. Hopefully all of our students are looking forward to starting a new school year (even if they say they’re not… deep down they really are)!!


Joel Menzies (Principal) and Laura Jegues (Vice-Principal)

The September newsletter will have lots of important information for families to review, and you can expect that newsletter to come home near the end the first week. In the meantime, here is some information about our school start-up:

First Week of School

The Grade 1 – 5 students will start school on Tuesday, September 7th.  When the Welcoming Bell rings at 8:02, the students will line-up at the exterior door of last year’s classroom.  The students will spend the first day in their last year’s classrooms, so we can determine who has moved away and who has recently registered.  All students new to Bastion can meet Mr. Menzies and Mme Jegues at the stairs, by the main entrance of the school.  On September 7th, the students will be dismissed at 11:12 am.  On Wednesday (maybe even Thursday), the students will be able to go to their classrooms for the year and meet their teachers. 

On Tuesday evening, families will receive an email from Mr. Menzies.  The email will state one of the following:

  1. On Wednesday, September 8th, the students will remain in their last year’s class until the School District gives Mr. Menzies the “OK” to have students go to their new classroom.


  1. On Wednesday, September 8th, the students will be able to go to their new classrooms and meet their new teachers.  The email will let families know who their child’s 2021-2022 teacher will be, as well as the Division and Room Number.

Last year we had an email issue where some families did not receive the email, stating which class their children were in. If this happens again, and you do not receive notification on Tuesday evening, several staff members will be available on Wednesday morning to tell families which classes their child(ren) will go to. Due to privacy protection, schools are no longer allowed to post class lists. We apologize in advance if families do not receive this important information in a timely manner.

Kindergarten students will begin their Gradual Entry on Wednesday, September 8th.  Information about the Kindergarten Gradual Entry, including the students’ group, was emailed to families on June 30th, 2021.  We are very excited to meet all of our new Kindergarten students!!

School Supplies

Families do not need to go to the store and purchase school supplies for their children. The school has already purchased supplies for each child, and we charge a School Supply Fee. Feel free to click on the Bastion Fee Schedule link, to view the breakdown of School Supplies Fees and Activity Fees. Please remember to bring indoor shoes, a backpack and a snack on the first day!

Daily Health Checks

Last year, our Bastion Bobcat community did a fantastic job of helping our school be healthy and safe by conducting Daily Health Checks and keeping their children home if the children were not feeling well. This is one of the most important strategies in keeping our community safe and ensuring school can continue as normal as possible.  Parents will be required to complete a daily Health Check with their child again this year. Our hope is that families will continue to be vigilant and monitor their children for symptoms of illness. Please click the link below for information about the K-12 Daily Health Check and the Daily Health Check Mobile App:

K-12 Daily Health Check Information

Masks at School

The Provincial Health Officer has mandated that students in Grade 4 and up, staff members and visitors are required to wear masks, while inside the school. Please click the link below, for a brief Q & A about face masks at school:

School District No. 83 Return to School Plan

Earlier this week, School District No. 83 released updated information about Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures. Many of our protocols and procedures will remain the same as last spring. There are some updates to make note of, so please take the time to review information by clicking on the link below. The Bastion Elementary Health & Safety Plan is being updated by our Health & Safety Committee and will be posted on the school’s website very soon.

Updated School District No. 83 Health & Safety Plan