The Week Ahead for March 29th – April 2nd


Happy Spring to all of our Bastion families!! Seeing the children this morning was absolutely wonderful!! There were lots of smiles from the students (and a few even bigger smiles from the parents!), as the students were happy to be back at school to see their friends and teachers.

There are just a few info items, before I provide the outline for the week:

  • I would like to welcome Mr. Jason Chambers to Bastion! Mr. Chambers will be teaching in the English Grade 3/4 class for the remainder of the school year, as Mrs. Fehr has begun her Maternity Leave.
  • I would also like to welcome Ms. Jordan Kosinsky to Bastion! Ms. Kosinsky is a student teacher from the University of Calgary and she will be mentored by Mrs. MacDermott, in our English Grade 2/3 class.
  • We had four new students begin at Bastion today. I would like to welcome Eva, Kaden, Isla, Tristen and their families to our Bastion Bobcat learning community!
  • Very Important… the church across from the school is currently having renovations done. The church would appreciate if families would refrain from using the parking lot as a place to drop-off/wait for their children. With the construction taking place, the workers need the space and we do not want our students to be walking through any unsafe situations. Thank you for respecting this request.

Here is what is happening this week at Bastion:

Tuesday, March 30th

Purdy’s Orders – Sorting Day. The Purdy’s orders should arrive in the morning and some parents will be at the school sorting the orders, so families can pick-up their orders on Wednesday. Thank you to those volunteers who are making themselves available to sort the chocolates… this takes a lot of will power!

Wednesday, March 31st

Purdy’s Orders – Pick-up Day. Starting at 7:30 am, volunteers will be in the gym to help family members collect their Purdy’s orders. When coming to pick-up an order, please walk around to the east side of the school (upper soccer field) and make your way to the exterior gym doors. A volunteer will ask for the name your order is under and they will bring your order to you at the gym door. If you are waiting in line, please be sure to respect physical distancing of 2m between you and the next person in line. Orders can be picked up between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm. Thank you to our volunteers, and a special thank you to Allison who has organized this PAC fundraiser!! We appreciate the support our school’s families are providing the PAC and the school, by participating in these types of fundraisers.

Thursday, April 1st

Crazy Hair Day. Our Grade 5 Leadership Team is hosting Crazy Hair Day on April Fool’s Day, and that’s no joke! We’re looking forward to seeing our students and staff members be creative and come up with some interesting and crazy hair. Mme Jegues and I will be looking to see if any parents coming through the parking lot will be sporting crazy hair (and no, bedhead does not count!). Thank you to the Leadership Team for hosting this event!!

Friday, April 2nd

Good Friday. School will not be in session on Friday, April 2nd, due to the stat holiday. Monday is also a holiday, so we will look forward to seeing the students back at school on Tuesday, April 6th. Happy Easter, everyone!

Wishing You a Safe & Happy Easter


Joel Menzies (Principal)