The Week Ahead for January 13th – 17th

Monday,January 13th
It… is… Cold!!
Hopefully all children arrived at school dressed appropriately for the cold temperature (including windchill!). The website post after this one, provides some information on our cold weather guidelines.

Tuesday, January 14th
Mme Reid, Mme Dollack, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. MacDermott, Monsieur Cote and Mme Bartsch’s classes will have their third session of gymnastics on Tuesday. All students will need to remember to have comfortable clothing, which will make it comfortable to jump, balance, stretch, somersault and cartwheel.

Wednesday, January 15th
Wednesday will be the final gymnastics session for the current classes that have been participating. Parents of the students currently participating in gymnastics are welcome to attend and watch their children.
Please note: Monsieur Mueller, Mme Jesse/Mme Harker, Mrs. Isaac, Mrs. Ollinger, Mme Nadine and Mme van Varseveld’s classes will have their gymnastics sessions in the late spring.
Curling. Mme Candy’s class will be walking (students will need to dress warmly!!) to the SA Curling Club to participate in some curling lessons. We hope they enjoy learning about this good ol’ Canadian sport!

Thursday, January 16th
Fun Food Day.
Those students who ordered Fun Food will get to enjoy their pizza or chicken nuggets, fruit & veggies, and cookie! Thank you for supporting the PAC.
SAS Dance Performance. Mme Candy and Mme Genevieve’s students will be walking to SAS-Sullivan to watch a dance class perform their newest dance routines.

Friday, January 17th
Trip to Larch Hills.
Mme Dollack and Mme Reid’s classes will be going to Larch Hills for their second session of cross-country skiing. The temperature should be much milder, but the students will still need to remember to dress appropriately and bring a healthy snack/lunch.
Curling. Mme Valerie’s students will have an opportunity to go to the SA Curling Club and throw some rocks and hopefully get them in the house.