The Week Ahead for November 4th – 8th


the-weekThe Week Ahead is back!!  We will do our best to post information for the upcoming week each Sunday or Monday, so families can see what our school is up to.  Please be sure to check out the Upcoming Events, in the side bar, to see events/activities taking place beyond the current week.

Monday, November 4th
Bus Safety Presentation I.
All of our Kindergarten classes will participate in a 30 minute bus safety presentation with Buster T. Bus. The presentation will focus on the students’ job of helping ensure the bus driver can focus on his job, and what the students can do to be safe when waiting at the bus stop and how to follow the driver’s signals when crossing the street.

Tuesday, November 5th
Bus Safety Presentation II.
All of our Grade 4 students will receive a 30-minute bus safety presentation from three of our school district’s bus drivers.
A Visit from Ardie. Mme Genevieve’s class will have a visit from Ardie Burnham, who works at the Salmon Arm branch of the Okanagan Regional Library. Ardie will talk with the students about what the ORL has to offer and how students can get a Library Card, if they do not already have one.
A Visit from MLA Greg Kyllo. The Grade 4/5 students recently had a presentation from Mayor Alan Harrison, on municipal government. Mr. Kyllo will talk to our Grade 4/5 students about the roles and responsibilities of the provincial government.

Wednesday, November 6th
Bring a Kid to Work Day (Gr. 9) and Social Responsibility Day (Gr. 8).
Bastion Elementary will be hosting students from SAS – Jackson and Shuswap Middle. Some Grade 9 students will be at Bastion to experience what a career in education is like, and some Grade 8 students will be volunteering as a way to give back to the community. Very often former students from Bastion come for the day, which is a neat experience for those students and their former teachers.
Mme Barsch/M Cote Class Field Trip. Mme Bartsch and M Cote’s classes will be going to the Salmon Arm Arts Centre to see the newest art exhibit called The Little Lake. The Little Lake is a felted fibre art piece, celebrating the historic McGuire Lake. A few of our classes have already had the opportunity to see the exhibit and everyone has been very impressed!

Thursday, November 7th
Fun Food Order are Due.
If you are submitting a new Fun Food order, please ensure you have completed the online or paper order form and that you have submitted payment to the main office (clearly marked with the student’s name). Here’s the link to the Fun Food webpage:

Friday, November 8th
Remembrance Day Assembly.
Mrs. MacDermott and Mme Candy have been working with some of our students to prepare an assembly that honors the men and women who fought and died in the line of duty, to protect our freedom as Canadians. The assembly will begin at 10:15 and family members are welcome to attend. If your son/daughter is a member of Brownies, Cubs, Girl Guides, Scouts, or Cadets, he/she is invited to wear his/her uniform during the assembly.
Release the Rhythm. Our first Performing Arts presentation will take place at 12:30. Daniel Duggan, of Rhythm Resource, is an expert percussionist who will entertain and involve our students! The show invites the whole audience to participate right from the start as they embark on a percussive journey around the world to discover how other cultures and communities use rhythm to build community and in turn build the community of the school. Families are welcome to attend the performance.