Halloween Costumes

Only three more sleeps until Halloween!!  We would like to remind our students and their families of Bastion’s guidelines for Halloween costumes:


  • Please ensure costumes are respectful of various races and cultures;
  • Replica weapons (sword, dagger, gun, etc.) should be left at home and saved for Halloween night;
  • Masks of any type should be left at home and saved for Halloween night;
  • Costumes should follow the school’s dress code in order to be respectful to self and others.

In this current day and age, we have to be very careful with students bringing replica weapons to school or wearing masks at school.  There is a lot of sensitivity (for a variety of reasons) to these types of items and we need to be respectful to all members of our school community, while still providing a fun opportunity for students to celebrate the day in their Halloween costumes.

If there is a chance your son or daughter will get uncomfortable in his/her costume during the day, we are encouraging those students to bring a change of clothes to put on later in the day.  During the day, we would like all students to act responsibly with their costumes, to ensure that none of the costumes get ruined before Halloween night.

Classroom teachers will be deciding how their classrooms will celebrate Halloween, and make plans appropriate for the age group.  If you have any specific questions regarding the classroom activities, please contact your child’s teacher.

Our school believes in healthy eating, we would like to strongly recommend that all students save their Halloween treats to be eaten and enjoyed at home, after school.  Thank you for support!

Toonie Tuesday

On Friday, October 18th, three high school students from the SD83 Leadership Committee came to Bastion to talk to the students about Toonie Tuesday.  This is a district-wide initiative where students and staff members work together to raise money for a community in Tanzania.

Toonie Tuesday

Collectively, the school district has been raising money for many years and donates the money to Free the Children, a Canadian organization started by Craig and Mark Kieburger.  Over the years, some of our high school students from our SD83 Leadership Committee, have even had the chance to go to various countries to help build schools in communities our school district has supported.

At Bastion, we are encouraging our students and staff members to bring a Toonie to donate to Free the Children.  Tomorrow, October 22nd, will be the official collection day.  We hope our school community will continue to support this worthwhile cause.

Thank you for your support!


*Reminder* Early French Immersion Info. and Kindergarten Registration

Just a reminder that this evening is our Kindergarten French Immersion informational session at 6pm.  This is not a requirement for registration, but will provide information pertaining to the program and the opportunity to ask questions.

Registration for Bastion Elementary’s French Immersion and English Kindergarten programs will take place on Tuesday, October 8th, between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm at the school. All registrations will be treated equally (not on a first come situation).  After October 8th, registrations are time stamped on a first come basis.

When registering your child, please bring your child’s birth certificate, and BC Services Card.  If you are registering for the English Kindergarten program, please bring proof of residence (eg. driver’s license, utility bill, etc.).  If you have your child’s immunization record, please bring that with you as well.

 Please contact Laura Jegues for any questions regarding French Immersion registration at ljegues@sd83.bc.ca or by phone at (250)832-3741