Construction at Bastion

As many of you have seen, there is some construction taking place at the northwest corner of the school, near the forest.  With the heavy rain that took place on the weekend, some drain pipes backed up due to debris plugging the pipes.  As a result, the school’s mechanical room (located in the bottom corner of the school) flooded.

The SD83 Maintenance Dept. has sectioned off the area that is being worked on, with fencing.  The students have been told to stay away from the area and our outside supervisors will be keeping a close watch on the area to help students stay away.  The SD83 Maintence Dept. has started digging, and trucks are removing some of the dirt.

Thank you to our SD83 Maintenance Dept. for responding to the issue so quickly!!

If families are allowing their children to play after school, after supervision has ended, please keep a close eye on your child(ren).  Thank you!