The Week Ahead for June 24th – 28th

It’s hard to believe that the final week of the school year is upon us. The week will be filled with celebrations, clean-up, farewells and fun.

Monday, June 24th
Kindergarten Field Trip.
All three of our Kindergarten classes will be visiting Fletcher Park and Fire Hall No. 3. A visit to the Fire Hall is always an exciting experience for a 5 or 6 year-old, as they get to see real-life heroes! Hopefully the rain will hold off so the Kindies can stay dry and have fun at the playground.

Tuesday, June 25th
Grade 1 – 5 Fun Day!
Our Grade 4/5 leaders have been busy preparing their team signs and cheers for Fun Day. Our students will get the chance to participate in a variety of events throughout the day, as they show team spirit and have fun! Tuesday is suppose to be the nicest day of the week, with some sun and cloud. The students should be prepared for any type of weather, so please send your child to school with sunscreen, a hat and a hoodie/jacket.
Kindergarten Field Trip. The Kindergarten classes will be visiting the Enchanted Forest, where they will get to discover the magic of an enchanted old growth forest and its 350 handcrafted fairy tale figurines and structures.

Wednesday, June 26th
Grade 5 Farewell Assembly.
As our Grade 5 students enjoy their final days of elementary school, we will be saying good-bye during an assembly dedicated to them. The assembly will begin at 12:45 pm and all family members of our Grade 5 students are invited to attend.

Thursday, June 27th
Year-end Assembly.
The year-end assembly will being at 8:20. We will be saying good-bye to some staff members, and recognizing the contributions of some of the parents/family members who help make our school a great place. The highlight is definitely the year-end slideshow, where we get to celebrate all of the wonderful things our students have been involved in throughout the year. After the assembly, the students will return to their classes, where they will have a chance to say good-bye to their teachers and receive their report cards.
Early Dismissal at 10:05. The students will be dismissed at 10:05 on the final day of school. The school bus and daycare buses will pick the students up at this time, and all other students will be picked up by their parents or walk/bike home.

Friday, June 28th
Summer Holidays Begin!
While the students begin their summer holidays, the teachers have one more day to get things tidied up and in-check before they begin a well-deserved break. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer, as they create fun-filled memories with family and friends.