The Week Ahead for June 10th – 14th

Here’s what’s happening at Bastion Elementary this week…

Monday, June 10th
Jump 360.
Mme Valerie and Mme Candy will be taking their classes to Jump 360 in Kamloops. The students will have approximately two hours of jumping on trampolines, jumping into a foam pit, trying the log roller and jousting – they should be nice and tired when they get home! Parents… please remember that the students will return to the school at 3:00. Please make a plan with your child on how he/she will get home at that time. Thank you!
Kindies to the Nature Centre. All three of our Kindergarten classes will be going to the Allan Brooks Nature Centre. We hope they all have a wonderful time!!
Late French Immersion SMS Transition Visit. Our Grade 5 students who will be going into Late French Immersion, at SMS, will walk to SMS and have a tour of the school and see what life will be like in Grade 6.

Tuesday, June 11th
A Trip to Hillcrest.
Mrs. William’s class will be visiting Hillcrest Elementary to visit with a Grade 2 class who they have been corresponding with. It will be neat for the students to connect with another class face-to-face!
Early French Immersion SMS Transition Visit. All of our current Grade 5 students who are in French Immersion will get their chance to visit SMS to see the various classrooms and meet some of their Grade 6 teachers.

Wednesday, June 12th
RJ Haney Heritage House.
Mrs. Ollinger and Mme van Varseveld’s classes will visit RJ Haney Heritage House and experience some of Salmon Arm’s history. From the railway to downtown, as well as the original one-room school house, the students will see how far Salmon Arm has come since the 1860s.
Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Mrs. Kehl and Mme Reid’s classes will have the opportunity to visit the nature centre. The students will enjoy a grassland nature walk, engage in a pond study and discover indigenous plants.
Mount Baldy. Mme Genevieve and Mrs. Smith’s classes will head out to Mount Baldy, near Sorrento. At the end of a wonderful hike, the students will be treated to a beautiful view of Shuswap Lake.

Thursday, June 13th
Fun Food Day.
It’s the final Fun Food Day of the year. Thank you very much to those parents and family members who have helped sort and distribute the food throughout the year!! We appreciate your time, which makes the Fun Food Days possible!!
English SMS Transition Visit. All of our Grade 5 students in the English program will have the opportunity to visit SMS and learn all about the learning opportunities and fun activities that they will experience in Grade 6.
200 Nights of Reading Celebration. All those students who accomplished the milestone of 200 nights of reading this school year, will have the chance to celebrate with Mrs. Murrells-Allaway and Mrs. Loewen. Congrats to all those students who have made a dedicated effort to read so often at home!!

Friday, June 14th
Tennis Lessons.
The students in Mme Reid, Mme Dollack, Mme Valerie and Mr. Menzies’ classes will participate in their second and final tennis lessons at the Salmon Arm Tennis Club.