Bastion Family Skate

The Bastion Elementary PAC is sponsoring a Family Skate on Saturday, November 3rd, between 3:00 and 5:00 pm.  The event will take place in the Spectator Rink, at Shaw Centre.

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This is a free event for all Bastion students and their families.  If students or family members do not have their own skates, skate rentals are available at the Maximum Edge Hockey Shop for $5 a pair.

We would like to strongly recommend that students wear hockey helmets or bicycle helmets when on the ice, as well as gloves or mitts.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you join us for our Bastion Family Skate!!

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

The BC Ministry of Education and School District No. 83 are in the midst of developing curriculum and reporting documents that better meet the needs of families. Our goal is to provide parents with a better way of understanding where their children are at in their learning journey.

Part of this change involves increased opportunities for parents to meet formally with teachers to discuss their child’s progress. To accommodate this change, the district has asked each school to schedule an early dismissal day in November, to provide time for scheduled Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences. Bastion Elementary will have an Early Dismissal on Tuesday, November 20th, at 12:05 pm.

These conferences will provide an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to discuss the child’s areas of strength, areas where development is needed, as well as set learning goals for the child’s continued academic and behavioral growth.

The format of the conferences will be as follows:

Part I – Review the strengths and areas of needed development of the student (5 minutes)

  • Are there any concerns or questions that should be addressed?
  • Suggestions or comments from the parents?

Part II – Goals and ways to support (10 minutes)

  • Are there any changes or additions needed for the goals?
  • Is there another goal that should be addressed based on parent feedback?
  • Address and confirm learning supports to achieve the goal at school?
  • Discuss strategies and techniques parents and students can use at home to achieve the goal.

Part III – Timeline to achieve goals and dates to review (3 minutes)

  • Set a timeline for students to achieve the goal(s).
  • Establish future follow-ups and methods to communicate learning and goal progress.

We know that community-building and establishing strong relationships between home and school are key factors in promoting learning in the most fundamental way. Therefore, dedicating two hours of learning time over the course of a school year to Student/Parent/Teacher meetings is a valuable use of instructional time. Research indicates that this method of reporting is more meaningful and informative for students, parents, and teachers.

Last year School District No. 83 piloted these conferences in twelve schools and received over 80% positive feedback from parents. After the conferences, we will be checking in with parents to ensure that this is a good use of learning time, and is supportive of your child’s learning.

We look forward to meeting with all of you, on November 20th, to discuss your child’s progress and set goals for the remainder of the school year.

Festival du livre

Starting Tuesday, October 9th, our annual Festival du livre (French Scholastic Book Fair) will take place in the Library.  A variety of French information books, picture books and novels will be for sale.  Students may also purchase bookmarks and posters.

The Festival du livre will run from October 9th to 11th, and be open to students and families during the following time:

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  • 7:45 to 8:05 am
  • 9:45 to 10:00 am (Recess)
  • 11:45 am to 12:15 pm (Lunch)
  • 2:05 to 4:00 pm

The Festival du livre will end at 3:00 pm on Thursday.

Students who purchase books will be entered into a draw, and the winner will win free books for him/herself as well as his/her classroom.

By purchasing books at the Festival du livre, families will be supporting the Bastion Library, as a percentage of the sales will be credited back to the Library, allowing us to purchase books and add to our French collection.  Thank you very much for you support!!

A BIG thank you goes to our Teacher-Librarian, Ms. Murrells-Allaway, for organizing this wonderful event!!

If family members have any questions, or you would like to volunteer to help during the Festival du livre (sales/support during open times  and clean-up on Thursday afternoon), please contact Ms. Murrells-Allaway at  You can click on the link below to view the Volunteer Schedule, then contact Ms. Murrels-Allaway to sign-up for a time.  Thank you for your assistance!!

Volunteer Schedule for Festival du livre

Clean Up Volunteer Schedule & Tasks, Thurs. Oct 11th, 3-4:15’sih pm (pending # of volunteers)

Please note:  the English Scholastic Book Fair will take place during the first week of December.